cycles of life and a mighty huntress

Life has been moving at a hectic pace lately.  It has taken physical force to rest.  Yes, I know that makes no sense.  But if you have ever felt like you were drinking the sea with a straw just not to drown, you know what I mean.
Bea stalking a fly I think.  She is a mighty huntress.
The past two mornings it's rained.  Cool, dark rain that can turn your morning coffee into an all day event.  These are my most favorite days.  But all day coffee wasn't in my cards.  The daily routine doesn't stop for rain.
A break is coming though.  Today a small commitment was taken off my plate.  I've already started feeling lighter.  And I am in the home stretch of a very, very busy season of work.  That's life though...seasons of work, seasons of rest...cycles of life.
I've been enjoying finding my voice with this new blog.  I'm sure (and hope) it will evolve and grow even more overtime.  It's been a good excuse to get to know my camera a little more. I'd even say it's grown into a romance of sorts.  Sometimes I find the pictures I take and things I want to say have little to do with each other (such as this time).  But I'm going with it.

On a end note, I'd like to share what a four year old boy said to me while showing his garden today.  When asked which plant was his favorite, he enthusiastically replied, "Rosemary, because it smells like love!"  And I realized, he's exactly right.

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  1. I had rosemary in my wedding bouquet...mostly so that I would always think of the day when I smelled it. So it does "smell like love"!


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