Sometimes life leaves little treasures just for you to find.  I found a bit of my own while visiting my mom's house a few months ago and stumbled upon these little gems. 

The awkward, pale, scraggly one is me. (I'm still pale, though not as scraggly and only sometimes, er, half of the time awkward)  My sister, the cute dark haired one hamming it up; and that foxy blond rocking the black tube one piece, my mom.  I estimate she is about the same age as me now here.

I can't quite wrap my mind around that.

Even though I don't remember this day, I remember the waking from a dream when the specifics have faded, but the emotions remain. 

The timing of these finds turned out to be a small treasure on it's own as this was about the same time I happened upon this blog and this one and this one (and even more) all capturing the world around them in dreamy imperfect beauty with none other than polaroids.  I found myself wishing I had one of my own.

I had one more piece of unsuspecting treasure waiting for me in a forgotten cabinet at, again, my mom's house.  This. It's discovery resulted in a squeal of pure delight followed by an even higher pitched squeal at the knowledge it's film (discontinued film, I might add) also resides somewhere in her house (yet to be found, but have been assured it's there). 

It's truly like the universe sent me on a little surprise treasure hunt.

Now what I would really love to find is one of these

But all in due time.


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  1. These are awesome pics! I love finding old photos of my mom and dad from year back and marvel at their lives then


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