White Paper Cones and The Beginning of the Middle

We found these just before the beach. From a distance they look like giant white paper cones.

In one week I will be 30. Or as my sister likes to say, "thirty, flirty & thriving". I'm not sure about the flirty part, but I'll take the thriving bit. To celebrate we've booked a tiny cabin in the heart of the NC mountains. 

The agenda so far includes (but certainly is not limited to):

tea on the porch,
coffee on the porch,
wine on the porch,
book reading,
cat napping,
pancake making,
bbq grilling,
hike taking,
journal writing,
picture snapping,
lots of vista looking and life pondering.

Honestly it's just what the doctor ordered.

Oh and how could I forget, white water rafting! (something the hubs nor I have ever done before which makes it doubly exciting).

This particular birthday excites me as much as it scares me. I am inspired with hope and expectation over whats to come, while simultaneously processing the anxiety so often associated with ticking clocks and undone know, those pesky things that I feel should have already been accomplished by now.

It's a strange place to be, this beginning of the middle.

Good, but strange.

Also, if you happen to know the proper name for the white paper cones, please do tell.  I am most curious.



  1. sounds like the perfect birthday weekend! yay for birthday buddies!

  2. Hope you have an awesome birthday weekend! We are headed to Blowing Rock this weekend to visit my brother and sister-inlaw and hopefully the weather will be cooler!

  3. Perfection. This is my type of celebrating. Happy Birthday.


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