you walk, i ride.

A few more photos from yesterday's excursion...

Found eucalyptus. A treat for our noses.

A washed up jellyfish which was still alive.  David attempted to save by picking up with a sand shovel and releasing back into the water.  The man gives literal meaning to "wouldn't hurt a fly".

One of our bikes has a flat tire (and our air pump has gone conveniently missing).  Also, seeing we haven't mastered our simultaneous "ridingbikeswhileguidingleash" skills yet, I am completely consumed by guilt whenever we take them out and leave Mabel behind (have you seen those big brown eyes?)  I've really been on a bike kick lately though, so we've made a compromise.  David walks with Mabel and I ride. It works out great since my excessive stopping and picture taking keeps us more or less on the same pace.  Once we hit the beach, I ditch the bike and take Mabel for a bit.  And then, if we want, we switch it up on the way home.  Everyone wins. 

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