the nature of nature

(Found today during our walk)

I love bringing little pieces of outside inside.  Nature is the greatest decorator of all. When I start getting my britches in a twist over getting the house "perfect" I remind myself of the nature of nature itself - a myriad a moving parts, never finished, forever in flux, yet always in perfect harmony.

I read this great quote once and it has really stayed with me,     

"Nothing about nature is linear or symmetrical or impervious to decay. And yet what could be more mesmerizing?"   

How wonderful is that?

This is the balance and rhythm I strive for in my home - a living, breathing, ever-growing space...a mirror of it's inhabitants really.

And so I place little trinkets, found gems all around as small reminders - a votive of feathers on a bookcase, a handful of shells on my desk, a smooth creek rock on my nightstand.... 

so on those days when I can't quite get it together (read: clothes strewn on the floor, dishes piled in the sink, tripping over the pets and never quite making it out of my pajamas) I'll stumble across these little beauties and remember:

we are exactly where we need to be.

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  1. A very nice practice. I love bringing little bits like that inside the house.


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